The Journey Begins


My journey began in high school… I played softball and basketball for my freshman and sophomore years, which I enjoyed greatly; but the drama was getting to me. After my sophomore year I had enough and the two sports were not fun to me anymore. I decided I was going to retire from them. This came as a shock to pretty much all of my friends and family as I had been playing since I was 4 in both sports. But I was done, burnt out and tired of the drama. Although I was not going to give up on sports completely. So I started to think, in 8th grade I had thrown the shot put for one meet so I figured, hmm maybe I’ll give that a try; it’s something different and it’s a guy and girl sport so there has bound to be less drama. So there I was, trying out to be a shot putter on the high school track team, barely knowing anything about track and field. The coach saw potential I guess because I made the team, and not just any team, I made the varsity team!

Fast forward a few months and I was a shot put and discus thrower. But that changed fairly quickly when one day while running sprints around the track the pole vault coach called me over to talk to him. Next thing I know I have a pole in my hand and I’m a pole vaulter. We found out that I was a much better pole vaulter than a thrower, so I became mainly a pole vaulter and just threw when we needed some extra points. My senior year consisted of mainly pole vault as I was pretty decent at it, clearing 9’7 “. This along with my decent throwing skills got the attention of the coaches at the nearest community college, El Camino, and off I went.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tzu


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