Step 2: Intro To The Spear

After I graduated from high school I went to El Camino Community College, but at that time the track was under construction and we did not have a pole vault pit. So I went back to being a thrower. Shot put and discus were my two events, but one day at practice my coach handed me a javelin. I had no idea what a javelin was, I’d only been exposed to it while watching the olympics and I don’t think I even knew what it was called.


So there I was spear in hand, ready to try something new. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, I was going to be throwing a spear for my sport! My coach said I should be pretty good at it because of my background in softball, in which I was a catcher and center fielder. He was right, I ended up being one of the top ranking javelin throwers. Here are the Statistics for my first ever collegiate season…

2016 Outdoor Season El Camino Collegiate Freshman

Place:           Mark:           Meet/Date:

Shot Put – 4kg
7                9.89m            Mar 5 Cal State LA Invitational
17              9.14m            Apr 2 Arnie Robinson Invitational
Javelin – 600g
5               32.93m           Mar 4 Cal State LA Invitational
1               33.34m           Mar 19 UC Irvine Spring Break Invitational
1               39.33m           Apr 2 Arnie Robinson Invitational
1               43.58m           May 14 Southern California Championships
2              41.44m            May 21 CCCAA State Track and Field Championships 2016

I had found something that was both an individual sport as well as a team sport; so that meant I really only had to worry about how I preformed, but I could also cheer on my teammates. Plus, it’s pretty cool telling people that I throw a spear.


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